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Guns don’t kill people, monsters kill people with guns



This is quite an incredible video if you ask me. With all the talk of gun control in the nation watch as a Puerto Rican Gangster confronts a wanna be thug as he enters a gas station and attempts to rob it.

One would think after 30 or 40 face punches the robber would have really felt, “It was at this point I knew I fucked up”.

Maybe we should hire a few Puerto Rican Gangsters to give paid police officers some training on restraining and subduing armed suspects. Sure, the officers  would still probably be faced with a multitude of lawsuits for instances where if the police continued on to give a suspect the beat down of all beat downs like this foolish individual received, but maybe there would be fewer deaths.

Remember!  This person is completely unarmed but even further still, He isn’t afraid.

Maybe, just maybe if the police received a bit more of the anti sugar pants training, and learned not to be afraid there would also be less deaths on unarmed victims of color in the U.S.

For all I know they receive directives to shoot and kill all black people……..  But what do I know?… i’m Just being petty

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Pennsylvania police officer fought the law…and the law won.



Let’s talk about white priveledge for one moment. What exactly is white privilege? There are many definitions, in fact the statement is really too broad to have a difinitive answer.

What we can do however is take an example and examine it under a microscope of reason to ask ourselves ,”what in the fuck of all fucks gives certain people the audacity to feel so entitled? If it isn’t white privilege then what exactly is it?

Lets examine the actions of a cop, you read the correctly, a sworn officer of the law from North Cornwall Townsip Police Department in Pennsylvania.

Video footace from the Capital riot that occurred on Jan 6th 2021 revaled that PATROLMAN Joseph Fischer, 55, was ivolved in the raid on the Capitol building and could be heared screaming “Motherfuckers!” as he clashed with other offiers.

During the fight Fischer attempted to help a downed officer allegedly telling him, ” I’m a cop, I’m a cop” according to police body cam footage.

the day after the riot Fischer is alleged to have sent a friend a message that read ” I mat need a job because word got out that I was a t the rally lol”.

Fischer said he was confronted by hes chief and told him ” I have no regret, zero shits given” He also stated “The FBI might arrest me”

Fischer has been charged with four federal crimes obstruction of law enforcement, unlawful entry into a restricted building, obstructing Congress and violent conduct in the Capitol building.Other law enforcement have also been charged in connection with the insurrection. US Capitol Policeannounced this week that six of its officers were suspended with pay and 29 others were placed under investigation for their actions at the riot.

At least 230 people have been charged by the Justice Department in the Capitol attack.

We were all watching the insurrection on television. Yes we noticed the black guy with the orange book bag that seemed to pose for the pictures. We also witnessed the excellent filming skills than an “unprofessional” phone cameraman was able to capture as hundreds of *cough *cough why people

stormed the premisis.

I don’t know maybe under a microscope of reason, we can reasonable deduct this opinion from this situation.

A white sworn officer who takes the law into his own hands, who is in direct involment with an insurrection on the nations capital , who gives zero fucks and has no regrets can only suffer from what non- white U.S. citizens view as white privilege.

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Texas, Ground zero after less than 3 inches of snow



What do you get when you cross the state of Texas with less than 3 inches of snowfall? You get a statewide disaster thats what you get.

As a Texas transplant from Boston it is almost inconceivable that less than an inch of snow could leave so many devastated. Who remembers the news of the snow storms that pelted the Atlantic Northeast in 2015? The arean received an unprecedented amount of snowfall. There was a record of over 100 inches of snowfall, yet we rode it out sipping hot chocolate and catching up on netflix shows that we ignored throughput the the prior year.

2021 will forever be viewed as the worst winter disaster in Texas even though the state saw a less than 3 inch accumulation of snow. Some areas ,like the Houston area, didn’t even get a full inch of snow yet millions of residents were left without power for days.

A mother and daughter (8) were found in their condominium garage deceased after what apperaed to be an attempt to stay warm in the car in her garage. Family from Colorado sent HPD to her home after they reported her becoming disoriented and unable to speak during a conversation. A man and A 7 year old boy were also found unconscious in the still running vehichle and were rushed to the hospital.

How did this happen? How was this debilitating scenario manifested? Lack of preparation on the part of the government. The state was completely unprepared for the strain that the cold would cause on the state grid. A system they named rolling outages were used to conserve electricity. This system allowed pockets of the population to use electricity during intermittent times during the rare cold weather storm that occurred Sunday rolling into Monday morning.

The effects of the Storm left residents without power and petrol. Many residents saw pipes burst and suffered major water damage in their homes also a result from the cold weather. Phone services and internet services were nearly non existent. Yes we are talking a complete public disaster for less that 3 inches of snow.

So far 21 people have died as a result of the Ice storm that swept across the southern states. Needless to say this is something that definitely needs to be addressed as the loss of life for something completely preventable is unacceptable e by anyones standards.

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Bitch Better have my money!



Congratulations to Dave Chapelle, Viacom, Net Flix and HBO MAX for coming to an agreement where all sides are happy concerning the future of the iconic Chapelle Show. In a Netflix sponsored YOUTUBE video Dave Chapelle begins with what seems like his more common placed political and moral stances as opposed to actual joke telling.

Chapelle continues with his ” know your worth” commentary as he Segways into his situation with the Broadcasting giants CBS./ Viacom.

Chapelle stated that he Received his name, his show, and MILLIONS of dollars in an attempt by young executives to “right the wrongs” that arose from the deal with CBS VIACOM. .

This moment could have repercussions across the entertainment industry with so many artists in every gene being taken are of.

once Again Dave Chapelle is RIIICH BIATCH!!!!!

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